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Multiman Consulting has been helping small business owners since 2004.  The company is owned and operated by Joel Stauring.  Joel has 18 years experience working in financial services; he has been a small business lender and knows how loans get approved.  He has 18 years experience operating several small businesses and worked in various industries.  Joel understands the basic business principles along with what makes your business unique.  He holds a Master of Business Administration in Management degree.

Multiman Consulting was formed to help small businesses owners be more successful.  Multiman has worked with companies through out New York State and Pennsylvania.  If you are looking to start, improve, expand, or even pass on a business, Multiman Consulting can help you.

Many of our clients refer us to others.  They trust us and recognize our value. 

Joel is down to earth and approachable.  He understands the complex parts of business management and finance and yet he can explain it in terms you can understand.  Follow the “Contact Us” link to schedule your complimentary initial meeting.

Multiman Consulting is a Veteran-owned, Small Business serving Western New York and Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. 


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