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Multiman Consulting has experience working with a variety of businesses from many industries and of various sizes.  We can provide ongoing business advice to help you better manage your business.   A business advisor can work with you on an ongoing basis to coach and advise you on your options and what might be the best approach by looking at all aspects of your business and goals.  Used alone or in conjunction with other management tools such as financial management or Advisory Teams.  A business advisor can help your business improve profitability, efficiency and effectiveness.  Why hire an MBA with full salary and benefits, when you can "rent" a Multiman MBA?

Advisory Teams

They say two heads are better than one.  Why not contact Multiman Consulting to put together a team of advisors that can meet with you regularly to go over key issues in your business?  An Advisory Team is like having your own board of directors providing valuable input on how to improve your business.  Multiman Consulting has  experience facilitating and supervising Advisory Teams in New York and Pennsylvania. 


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