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Strategic Planning

Whether you want to start a new business or expand your existing business, Multiman Consulting can help.  You may need a strategic plan to help guide you and provide direction. 

What is Strategic Planning? 

A strategic plan analyzes your company, the market, your company’s vision and your goals.  The strategic plan then lays out a course of action and targeted steps to help you reach your goals and vision.  In reality, any business that is considering starting up or making changes needs to develop a strategic plan to make sure they have direction.

Contact Multiman Consulting to develop a strategic plan designed to fit your business goals.  We understand start up, growing, and transitioning businesses.  We know the questions to ask to help you think of every aspect of the business and how to make it successful.

What is a Feasibility Study?

A feasibility study looks at the potential solutions to a business' problems and analyzes the possible results to determine the best approach. 

With any investment of time and money, analyze the consequences to see if your idea makes sense first.  That little bit of time and money spent doing a strategic plan can either save you big time or provide the reassurance you're on the right track.

Multiman Consulting can save you time and money by helping you decide which approach is best.


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Last updated 10/09/2019